Have you ever heard these complaints?

I wish that I could update my own website without having to call my webmaster!

I need to update the look and feel of my website, but I would have to redo my entire site and it would cost me a fortune!

I wish that I could easily add an eCommerce store (or other cool feature to extend your website) without it costing me an arm and a leg

WordPress is the Solution to these complaints and many more!

What is WordPress?

WordPress WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that is the foundation of over 60 Million websites on the web.  It is frequently used as a blogging platform, however, blogs are just one of the ways that WordPress can be implemented.  WordPress is a GREAT platform to implement for your small/medium/or even large business!

What are example websites that use WordPress?

On the WordPress.org website, there is a showcase link that shows just a sampling of the sites that use WordPress for their website, including:

As you can see from this tiny sample, WordPress is used worldwide by reputable companies.

Why Use WordPress?

  1. WordPress is a Content Management System.  A CMS allows you to store all of your content in a database.  This provides unique benefits that businesses used to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve.
  2. WordPress is created by the Open Source Community.  This is a huge benefit as thousands of developers are involved in developing the platform through actually contributing to the community or through development of plugins, themes and other extensions.  Because WordPress is created by the open source community, it has great features, security, and is constantly being updated with new features, benefits and bug fixes.
  3. WordPress is provided for free.  The license that WordPress uses is the GPL2 (or later) license from the Free Software Foundation.  Check out a copy of the license here.
  4. WordPress is extensible with thousands of plugins available for both free and for a fee.  Plugins are available to extend the base functionality of WordPress and to add some amazing features.  Examples of WordPress Plugins are: eCommerce, SEO, Backup Plugins, Marketing Plugins,  Security plugins, etc.
  5. The front end user interface (themes) are easily swapped in and out without impact to your content.  Because your content is stored in the database, switching your theme out will not impact the safety of your data.
  6. SEO – WordPress provides great Search Engine Optimization right out of the virtual box.  There are tweaks you can/should make, but WordPress is a great starting platform to get your content ranked in all the popular search engines.  In fact, Matt Cutts (Google employee) says WordPress is “made to do SEO well” in this video: Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners.
  7. Support for WordPress is readily available.  Because over 60 million websites use WordPress and it is developed using popular web based technologies (PHP, MySQL, jQuery, etc.), there are lots of developers with the skillset to support your business website.

There are many more reasons, but these are a great start!

Legacy Images can help implement a WordPress site for your business to achieve your business goals!